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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Results - Quick Bracelet Sets

These were super easy and came out really cool.  The advent of this post also sparked a discussion about alternatives to Pearl-Ex powder on the Craftster forums.

When I set out to make the bracelets, I wasn't as interested in the surface techniques as I was in the idea of 1) using a soda can and 2) making the bangles follow the same line so you could wear multiples together like puzzle pieces (although, I did make one using a stamp and Pearl-Ex just in the spirit of the tutorial)

I am also very happy to say that I have folks interested in participating! 

Onto the results!  For reference, here is the original again and the link to the tutorial can be found in this post.

And here are my versions:

As you can see, I did one fast and dirty with the Pearl-Ex.  It's only OK, but since I was rushing through it, it leaves a lot to be desired.  It should also be fairly obvious that I did double thickness (two layers of the largest setting on my pasta machine) on this.  Since I was making these with an actual purpose, I knew I wanted things to be a little weightier.  The decor on the surface of the other pieces are from canes I made to match a dress that I have.  I am really bad at canes.  There will be tutorial posts on them so I can get better!

I also had a participant in this post who's surface decor came out so great!!  Check out Christina's work:

She writes, "I was not able to find pearl-x powders so I used some old eye shadow and I think they turned out great."  Great tip Christina!

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