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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ponsawan Sila's Texture Plate & Bubble Beads - Due Aug 18

I am going out of town this weekend (wearing my bangles from last weeks challenge at a wedding!)  so decided to do a double tutorial with a 2-week due date.

Both of these tutorials come from Ponsawan Sila's tutorial blog.  She makes the most lovely items and is so generous to put her tutorials out freely!

The first tutorial is the slide show below - make your own texture plates.  I think this is such a valuable and MONEY SAVING skill all of us polyclay artists need to learn.  I am going to use this tutorial to make myself the bubble texture plate Ponsawan uses in the second tutorial - Bubble Beads.

If you don't feel like making bubbles, this seems like a thing where you can make any shape for the texture plate and apply the plate design you create in the second tutorial so please feel free to make any sort of beads you feel! - I look forward to seeing Birdy Beads or Swirly Beads or Squiggle Beads or Flowery Beads if you so desire.  Have fun!  I know I will!

The texture plate tutorial (also embedded below):

The bubble beads
Find the tutorial here:

If you want your version posted along with mine, please email me your photo (and a small caption if you so desire) no later than Wednesday August, 18 th at 6:00pm PST.  I'll update a post with results on Thursday the 19th!

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