Finding my way through polymer clay!

I am a polymer clay artist on the coast of California. I am inspired by the shapes and colors of nature, especially the beauty you find in or near the ocean.

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I picked up polymer clay as a hobby in 2009.  I was looking online for a necklace and I came across Kathleen Dustin's work.


I was in love!  I was inspired!  I was excited!

That same day, I was the Google-master and came across the works of the most awe inspiring PC artists, both professional, and the hobbier.  I fell in absolute LOVE with Christi Friesen (who to this day remains my favorite PC artist and who's work my sculptural pieces end up looking most like).  I looked in awe at the work of Grant Diffendaffer.  I was choked up by what Donna Kato produces.  I was marveled by Melanie West's creations.  These are just a scant few (and probably names you already recognize if you work in polymer clay) of what I saw that day.  I could fill this post with literally HUNDREDS of links to beautiful PC artists.  Instead of that, please check out the top of this blog in the "Inspiration" tab which I will be populating with links to designers and the like as time progresses.

Needless to say, I was hooked.  I immediately purchased materials and got to work.  Over the past year, I have spent a LOT of money on clay and tools for clay and  beads, baubles, and books, all for the love of creating with clay.  I get these ideas in my head of an end product, and just start in, trying to find my way to that end product.  Sometimes I might find a tutorial that leads me to where I need to go.  Usually I just dive in try to make the picture I have in my head.  It doesn't always work.

This blog started as a way to systematically learn techniques via online tutorials that are freely available to the public.  This did not come to fruition and has become the place where I wrangle my thoughts on polymer clay, creativity, and trying to keep myself motivated.