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I am a polymer clay artist on the coast of California. I am inspired by the shapes and colors of nature, especially the beauty you find in or near the ocean.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Faux Ceramic - Results!

I loved doing this. So easy, and you can make a lot of different looks all at once.  I ended up making 2 batches and these will be part of my craft fair wares in December. Some of them came out much better than others, but that is to be expected with learning new techniques.

Here is a shot of the blanks before adding the color:

And here are the first batch after coloring, baking and varnish:

This one is my favorite and will most likely stay with me.  So pretty!

Progress shot of a few in the second batch.  You can also see all the colors I used - which is only about half of the alcohol inks I actually own.

I learned that alcohol inks, when baked, lose a lot of their richness, but it does come back somewhat with the varnish.  I also got some really neat ideas for using color on other pieces with dyed liquid clay.

This is a super easy project.  And it was great for me who has been in a SERIOUS creative slump for a couple months now.  I often don't even feel like touching clay and would rather just play Warcraft than get all my clay gear out. 

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  1. Great job, Brandee!! I am sorry I didn't participate - I almost did a few times but just didn't have the time. I'm glad you're coming out of your slump - that's always a tough thing.